Saturday, August 25, 2007

Back to School Jitters

I remember as a kid, every August my whole being would start to tingle. While many kids were dreading going back to school I met the prospect with a mixture of excitement and nervousness. It always felt like a fresh start. Of course that is pretty funny since every year until high school I HATED school by September, but for that week before school actually started I would think, "This will be the year!"

When I became a teacher I continued to get those jitters in August. Luckily I enjoyed teaching so they didn't go away so quickly. Still, by Christmas break, the monotony had set in, and although I wasn't hating every second like I did as a student, I wasn't really savoring them either.

So once again I am feeling the jitters of a new school year, but now I feel wiser. I have to get it right this time. I want to find a way to collect that feeling and keep it alive for me and the kids for the whole year. I think that will be the true testament to how great homeschooling can be. If we can keep the spark of excitement going for the whole school year I'll mark it a success.

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