Sunday, October 7, 2007

I wonder

Will I ever feel secure in my homeschooling choices? On the outside I appear confident, but still I have nagging concerns on a regular basis. Is homeschooling the best choice for Curly Q.? Is homeschooling Curly Q. the right choice for our family? Will Bear want to be homeschooled? Is Curly Q. gifted? Does it matter? Should I change some of our curriculum choices? Should school be fun most of the time, or is that unreasonable? I have vague answers to some of these questions, but I am not sure all of them have answers. Will I ever?

In other news, Bear is showing interest in being taught. That is a big deal considering that a couple weeks ago she wanted nothing to do with it. Maybe I did the right thing by stepping away from it. I never forced her to do anything schoolwise, and now she is discovering that there are things she wants to know. Of course that is what has lead to me to wonder if we should go back to unit studies. They were tons of work, but learning was tons of fun. I am thinking that we may revisit them after Christmas. I am too busy to plan them right now, but things will settle down then. I also decided to school year round. Curly Q. wanted to anyway, and I feel less pressured to fit as much as possible in if I know we are learning in the summer too.

Ok, so that is the jumbled update.