Monday, November 12, 2007

Fall Break...

I hadn't intended to take a fall break, but it somehow ended up that way. We pretty much kept up with reading and math, but history and science took a hiatus. I really need to remember next October how much more I enjoy fall when I am not running around like a chicken w/ it's head cut off. I was out of town more than I was home this year, and it was exhausting. Even worse I feel like I missed fall all together.

We seem to be back on course now. We are reading a few bits and pieces in Story of the World, and next week we are going to begin studying Ancient China. After that we are going to take a break from Story of the World to study winter holidays from around the world. As for science I am not satisfied with what we have been doing. I will probably alternate Story of the world units with science unit studies starting after Christmas. Curly Q.'s reading program at first glance seemed really "schoolish", but it is working for her. She is even taking pride in her handwriting, so I think this program is a keeper. We have been taking math really slowly. I think I have been hoping for her to have basic addition facts memorized and I am not sure that is realistic at her age. So we are moving forward with Singapore and supplementing with Time4Learning. I still haven't decided if Time4Learning is worth the price. I did figure out how to let Bear try it out on Curly Q.'s account today so that is a plus.

Bear is making great strides. She is progressing quickly through Study Dog, and she only has a couple of letters that are giving her trouble. Also, she LOVES her Singapore Earlybird Math workbook. She is ready to begin more formal work, but I am hesitant to commit to it yet. I think after Christmas I will do more with her. At the very least she can do more stuff on the computer.

Ok, so that's the update for now.