Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have so many things happening over he next 2 months. There are

1 day until Q-bert's birthday
4 days until Bear's gymnastics sleepover
5 days until Bear's birthday
6 days until their party
10 days until we go on a weekend trip
11 days until my brother and his family come into town (for a week)
14 days until my in-laws come into town
15 days until Thanksgiving
22 days until the Book Club I host
23 days until Bear's first gymnastics meet
28 days until Q-bert's play performance
32 days until our family Christmas party
33 days until Bear's gymnastics party
38 days until my Dad's birthday
40 days until our homeschool Christmas party
44 days until Christmas

And even when Christmas has come and gone it does not get better. In January Bear has 2 gymnastics meets, and we are going on a week long vacation. And it goes on and on. In fact, between now and the middle of March we have 2 weekends free.

Does this sound excessive? I doubt it is really much different than most people's calendars. I wonder how society got to this place where every spare second is filled with some other obligation...

The thing is I LOVE all this action. Sitting around at home doesn't do a lot for me, but my kids like to be home. Well, at least Bear does. When we have too many days out and about she needs a break. This is another great perk of homeschooling. Can you imagine if the kids went to school ALL DAY EVERY DAY. At least now I can tailor our days to include down time at home. Time when Bear can play legos, and Q-bert can make up dances.

I watch people dropping their kids off at the activities my kids look forward to all day, and I cannot believe the looks on some of their faces. Many of them do not look excited to be there. Some look positively exhausted. It's probably because they know that after this activity they have hours of homework to finish at home. When can they explore their own interests?

So today instead of dwelling on how many things I have on my plate, I will just be thankful that getting my kids to the bus stop on time is not one of them.

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