Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year, Another Opportunity for Self Improvement

Last year I really didn't make resolutions. My Gramps had just passed away, and that seemed to be a big enough change for the time being. I was never that good at resolutions anyway. I love the idea of a new start. I love the idea of self improvement. The problem has always been narrowing in on one or two important goals. The goals end up being too broad, like "I will eat healthier." Still, if I narrow it down to one thing, like exercise for 20 minutes every day, I feel like there are so many more little changes I should be making. So for 2011 I am doing things s bit differently. I came up with 4 big themes that need attending to. Then I made manageable goals within those themes. As it turns out I have 12 goals; which means I can focus on one per month. I am very hopeful that this will allow me to make many small changes that can make my life better. Here they are:

1. Nurture my family relationships
* More field trips
* Delegate more
* More one on one time with each of my family members

2. Nurture my soul
* Slow down
* Practice thankfulness
* Meditation

3.Nurture my relationship with the world
* Write more
* Volunteer regularly
* Reduce clutter

4. Nurture my body
* Serve at least one vegetarian meal per week
* Start a maintainable exercise program
* Spend at least 10 minutes outside each day

I have a general outline of the order I will approach these goals, but I will be flexible. Each month I will dedicated a post to explain the goal's importance to me as well as the specific way I will accomplish it.

So that's the plan, and you know how much I like plans :)

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