Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fresh Start

After my crisis of faith last week, I am ready to begin again. Here's the scoop subject by subject:

  • Until the new program arrives we will not be doing language arts. I am going to make use of my last month of Reading A-Z. So Kali will be reading me a leveled reader every day until we can begin our new program.
  • Math is still going well for both of them, so that is good. I chose singapore mostly because it was the cheapest alternative, and I expected to have to switch a few times before we found a fit. So it's a nice surprise to have it work.
  • I am very excited about science because I just created a reproducible notebook page that I am very proud of. The idea behind the animal notebook is that the girls can refer back to it and enjoy the work they have put into it.
  • I figured out part of my stress last week had to do with History. More specifically history library books. I feel pressured to keep moving because my library books are due right after I am supposed to have covered a chapter. I think I need to hold off on requesting the books until closer to when I will need them. That way I will have a bit of breathing room.
  • The pretend preschool I set up in the living room for Bear went over very well. I will try to recreate that each day. Also, I need to remind myself that Bear's wiggliness is typical of a child her age. Curly Q. didn't go through that, but that says more about Curly Q. than it does about Bear. Still (although others have disagreed) I do believe that she needs to practice sitting still for short periods of time. So we will work on that, but I will do my best not to take it as a personal failure when it doesn't go so well.
So that is the new plan in a nutshell. The good news is that since Curly Q. is academically ahead there is little chance of her falling behind as we flounder around looking for our path. I need to remember that the name of this journey is Follow My Whimsy. I wasn't feeling very whimsical last week.

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