Thursday, September 6, 2007

Way off course already???

I know that one of the main benefits of homeschooling is flexibility. However, I am not prone to flexibility. In fact when I attempt to be flexible it makes me anxious. This week feels like a total bust to me school wise. We got to do all kinds of fun stuff, but very little school. I feel really bad about being this far behind already. Then I start to think about all the detours we have in the next two months and I am practically having a panic attack. Part of my brain knows that the only one putting pressure on me is me, but another part feels like I have to stay on track. This is important!! If Curly Q. ever goes into public school she needs to stay on track. Then of course there is Bear. I have no idea how many of her letters she knows. Half... Less??? Curly Q. knew all her letters when she was 3, and Bear is nearly 4 and doesn't know them. Also, she won't sit still for more than a few moments of organized activity. I should have sent her to preschool this year, but I didn't... Maybe I should become an unschooler. Then I could just know that living will teach them what they need to learn. If only I could buy into that...

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