Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

This morning I was awakened early. The excitement of the day was just too much for my girls. I got morning snuggles and then was instructed to "Go back to sleep!" After they left I opened the windows wider and turned off the air cleaner. It is lightly raining, and I lay here listening for a while. As I did I thought about my life (something I rarely take the time to do), and, as I suspected, I have it pretty good. Even with the craziness that has been chasing me down lately I can't think of a better life for me. One of the best things in my life is being a Mom. I always wanted to be a Mom, but until I actually became one I had no idea why. So in honor of Mother's Day I want to list my favorite things about being a Mom right now.

1. Middle of the night snuggles. Even though I try desperately to keep the kids in their own beds one wanders in at least once a week. I love sleeping with my arms around them. Their warm little bodies snuggled up to me. I feel like I could actually hold on to them and keep them safe from everything.

2. Husband's admiration. Husband and I have always admired each other, but it feels so good to know he thinks I am a good parent. I work harder at this "job" than I have at any other, and I love that the person in it with me not only appreciates the effort, but admires it too.

3. Curly Q.'s creativity. Curly Q. could have easily become a very smart, but non-creative kid. I don't brag that often, but she is highly gifted. It took a lot of encouragement for her to understand the creative process (i.e. that there is no "right" way to be creative). Now she writes stories, draws, makes up dances and plays. I LOVE seeing her think outside the box.

4. Bear's stubbornness. I know many people don't think a stubborn child is a good thing. I love that Bear has her own mind. Parenting her is more difficult in some ways because I have to help her see the reasons for my values and rules. Still I have no worries that she will be led by the crowd.

5. Witnessing the learning process. I am a teacher by trade, and I have always enjoyed teaching, but homeschooling is amazing. It is so different from when I was a teacher. I don't feel responsible when the girls learn something. As a teacher I was always proud that my students were all reading by the end of kindergarten. Now I enjoy watching my girls revel in their own accomplishments.

Ok so there are many more, but I have just been informed that my breakfast in bed will be ready in a minute. So I will close now.

Happy Mother's Day

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