Saturday, May 31, 2008

What If???

I have been MIA, but I wanted to participate in this month's Thinking Homeschooler wiki

The question is "What would you be doing right now, if you didn't have kids?"

This is a strange question for me because I knew that one way or the other I would be a Mommy. Even when we were having trouble conceiving I just figured, "Well,I guess we should look into adoption." So the idea of no kids, well, it is tricky.

I do have some aspirations that have been put on hold (if not put away altogether) because of my choice to be a parent. I always wanted to get my PhD, and if I didn't have kids I would probably have gotten it by now. Ideally I would have designed an alternative charter school and could say that I was making a difference in the way Chicago "does" education. Truthfully I would probably be teaching college level education or literature classes. I would enjoy in-depth conversations about things other than how to get peanut butter out of carpet. My husband and I would still be up to date on non-PG rated movies. I would have money to pay someone (other than Fantastic Sam's) to cut my hair because I wouldn't spend it all on dance lessons. My morning would involve gourmet coffee and ME time. My evening would involve wine and ME time. My weekends would involve more ME time.

Hmmm... On occasion I have complained that I would love more ME time, but life without kids involved way too much ME time. (Also far to few sloppy peanut butter kissess)

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