Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another COLD day

Well, this winter has been the worst we have had in a long time. Between the cold and the snow we haven't been outside since we got back from Florida. If we hadn't gone there this year we would be really stir crazy. As it is I find myself dreaming of spring like a hibernating bear must. The good news is that we have developed a great rhythm for school. We are cruising right along in reading and history. Bear is doing about 20 minutes of sit down work each day, and the new math curriculum we found (the free one) is a keeper so far.

Now I am trying to put together field trip ideas for the homeschool group. I also designed a poster to hang at the library welcoming people to join our group. I wanted to be sure that new members understand how important it is that we are a secular group. Still I wrestled with how to word it. "Religious nut-jobs need not apply," seemed a bit hypocritical since I billed us as inclusive. I settled on , "Are you looking for an inclusive group where you won't be asked about your religious affiliation." Only time will tell if this attracts the people we are hoping for.

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