Sunday, February 24, 2008

We got rythym

We have hit our stride. I was beginning to think we never would. Our days start out effortlessly now. The girls still get to enjoy a slow wake-up in front of the tv. I get to enjoy a slow wake-up with a cup or two of coffee. Then we have breakfast and discuss the day. I find that the girls behave better if they know what to expect. They even know what to do when I tell them to do their morning chores (and mostly they do them). Our school day begins when we're ready. This is a departure from my previous idea of school at 9:00, and it appears to work much better. As for actual schoolwork, I am thrilled. We have a schoolish reading/language arts program that is probably overkill, but Curly Q.'s spelling skills have improved so much it is worth the extra time. I have already waxed poetic about our new math program so I won't bore you again. Of course I still love our history and it is nice to be done with Egypt (finally). Even Bear has a great workbook that she is enjoying, and even more exciting is that she has suddenly developed an interest in writing. So as I prepare for another week I can just breathe a happy sigh that comes with finally feeling comfortable exactly where we are.

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