Monday, February 11, 2008

Recharged Batteries

I am not a stay at home kind of girl, so it may be a surprise how much I enjoyed this weekend since we were home all day Sunday. It turned out to be a great balance of activity and rest.

On Saturday the girls had a party at the library to end the winter reading program. They showed High School Musical and it was so much fun to see a large group of kids singing along and really feeling every word. After the party my Mom watched the girls so Husband and I could go out to lunch. We went to a nice "grown-up" restaurant where I didn't have to cut up anyone's food. The best part was just being with my husband. While we were out we bought Dance Dance Revolution for the xbox. Husband wanted to give it to the girls for Valentine's Day.

On Sunday (after pancakes) he gave it to them. We spent the next few hours playing it. The free style section is perfect for the girls, and Husband and I really enjoyed trying to keep up with the dance steps. The rest of the day was just relaxing. Husband made a point of doing something special with each of us. We watched Curious George as a family, and ended with a nice dinner.

So all in all I think it was what our family needed. Even though we're together all the time I think some times we don't see each other. I know that I am starting out the week with recharged batteries (despite the winter storm warning and and frozen pipes that greeted me this morning.)

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Lizzy Jane said...

Hi there! Your husband directed me to your blog :) I am glad to read it. I've been looking for a positive mom blog for awhile...correction...a positive mom blog not posted by a jesus freak. When I started out as a stay at home mom I discovered that I like reading blogs. I'm always looking for creative ideas for activities and honest accounts of what it's really like to be a mom.