Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back from the dead

The girls have been VERY sick for the past week. They both had bronchitis which in Curly Q., I believe, was bordering on pneumonia. For most of the week they laid around and watched tv. We did sprinkle in some art projects and history, but for the most part school was on the back burner.

Yesterday they both seemed up to doing school. Curly Q. had a big "test" for reading. I know a lot of homeschoolers don't think tests are a good idea, but Curly Q. had such test taking anxiety that I knew she needed to be gently introduced to them sooner rather than later. Since her reading program is relatively easy it is a good place to build her confidence. She did really well. In fact she only got two wrong.

Bear finished her Study Dog program. She was so proud. I am still debating what to do with her now. I am thinking about using Headsprout. It worked really well for Curly Q., but Bear already feel slighted because I do more sit down work with Curly Q.. Since Headsprout is on the computer, Bear would be doing it on her own. Also, I was thinking about waiting to start it until fall. Until then we can continue expanding her sight words library with her word wall. She's just really excited and ready and I don't want to miss her window.

I have also been trying to figure what we will use next year. Bear is going to go to preschool (by her choice). So I don't have to try to make so many of our activities appropriate for her. She will still do some of our science and history stuff, but Curly Q. and I will have more time to do more intensive activities. So here's the list for now:

So we will use the history and science books as a spine for unit studies. If I don't use the L.A. program Curly Q. will need a creative writing program, and we will use graphic organizers to discuss books she chooses to read. So that's the plan. The good news is that it is uber cheap. That's good because we will be paying for preschool and dance class.

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