Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Barack Obama

I admit it I am a big fan of Barack Obama. When I have heard him speak I get chills. He is more than a great orator. I believe he is the only candidate who will lead us in the right direction at this point.

So you can imagine how worried all this trouble with his pastor has made me. He tried to talk it out in his speech on Tuesday, but I am not sure it worked. For me the saddest part is that he needed to say anything. Why couldn't he just say, "Yes, Reverend Wright has some views that I vehemently disagree with. Yes, I still value him as an adviser on other issues. Please judge me on MY words and even more importantly MY deeds. As President I will disagree with my advisers on many different issues. When you elect a President you are expressing trust that he or she can choose whose opinions and ideas are best for the nation. Thanks You and Good Night."

Instead he seized the opportunity to wax poetic about the trial of African Americans. I believe and understand everything he said, but now was not the time for this. We NEED him to win, and defending the reasons for bigotry will not help you get elected. Well, at least he got people riled up and made the process interesting.

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