Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thankful for My Problems

Yesterday was a rough day.  In fact, it took me most of the day to find my thankfulness; and in truth, I am not sure my heart was in it even then.  As I lay in bed last night worrying I was struck with the realization that my worries are so small. 

True I had to spend $150 on a battery for a car that I am hoping not to own for more than a month or two.  More importantly, I could afford to buy that battery.  Also, while I was waiting for the battery to be changed I got to go out to lunch with my parents and my kids.  Most importantly, in a few months I am probably going to get a mini van that is in great shape without having to take on a car payment.

Another problem yesterday was the discovery that Q-bert told me a lie that caused me to tell a lie.  I was so upset by this.  Trust is so important to me, and I do not trust easily.  When I back away from the situation I can see that this is just a normal part of growing up. I can also be thankful that when I expressed how hurt and betrayed I felt, she felt almost as bad as I did.  So although her pain caused me more pain, it also made me proud of her and gave me hope that this stage will pass quickly.

I also spent a lot of yesterday feeling like I need to clone myself.  I spend a lot of time feeling that way.  It seems like there is never enough of me to go around.  Of course I should feel special and loved, and I do on most days, but when I feel like I am failing everyone that doesn't help.  Still, I do feel good that those around me appreciate me so much.

So you see, every single problem I was worrying about was something to be thankful for.

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