Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More News

So I know I said I would shut up about gymnastics, but something pretty incredible happened.  Bear and six of her level 4 teammates were selected by the Illinois branch of USAG to represent Illinois at the national competition in six weeks.  This competition is the ONLY way to get a national gymnastics title at level 4.  Needless to say we are so happy for the girls, but it means trying to come up with a substantial amount of money in a tiny amount of time.  You see in addition to transportation costs for Bear and any members of our family that are going, we have to pay for the coaches. 

I guess this is customary, but it was a bit of a shock to all of us.  One of the coaches has pretty much said that she would pay her own way, but the other coach is a college student and can't afford it.  After a bit of coercing the gym offered to pay the coaches entrance fees.  Still this trip will be a stretch for us.

So tonight we are meeting up to figure out some fundraising options.  We are planning to sell candy bars. That has a good rate of return, but of course the profits add up very slowly.  Another parent suggested pan handling in front of grocery stores.  She said that her daughter's cheerleading team made $2600 in one weekend.  Curly Q.'s dance studio did a fundraiser at a local pizzeria where a portion of the profits on a single night went towards the studio.

The thing is I HATE fundraising.  For my kids regular activities I never do it.  I would rather scrimp and save then hit people up for money.  This is a special circumstance though.  First this is not just a regular activity.  Getting asked to represent your whole state is pretty impressive!  Second, there is no time to scrimp and save.   Six weeks to come up with thousands of dollars is scary.  So I guess I will have to swallow my pride and do it...

In light of my thankfulness resolution, I need to remind myself that although the planning process is stressful, I am truly thankful that Bear has this amazing opportunity!

Oh and BTW, I have been making good on all my promises made here.  I spent an hour alone with Bear shopping for a birthday present yesterday, I have been continuing to find 15 minutes each day for each girl, AND I actually exercised again this morning. 

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Shannon said...

We're so happy for Claire!! What a great opportunity!! We plan on donating to the fund! Happy to do it!! :)