Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Resolutions... Just a little late...

As you can see from the calendar it is April 5th.  Where was the resolution update for April?  Well, I have been pretty sick, but how does better late than never sound?

First a recap of my completed challenges.

In January I learned to practice thankfulness.  I truly think I have incorporated this into my daily life.  Even though my last post may not have seemed like it.  even highlighting the things that I am not thankful for gave me opportunity to look at how petty those things are when compared with all the fortunes in my life.

February was the month I tried to start exercising.  It didn't work, and it still isn't happening...  More on that later!

Last month I took on clutter.  It is an even bigger project than I imagined.  I decluttered many areas big and small, but there is always more.  Still I feel like I am making progress, and the attitude seems to be catching on.  Yesterday,  as a family, we spent hours decluttering the basement office.  My hope is that by the end of the week it will be done.  Past that there are many small projects left plus two big projects.  I think the larger projects will have to wait a bit, but I will continue to tackle the little areas consistently. 

That brings me to April.  I haven't yet tackled a resolution from the "Nurture my Family Relationship" category so I think I should look there.  That makes my choices More Field Trips, Delegate More, and More One on One time.  I think based on the stresses of the past few months devoting more time to each member of my family is a good priority.  So now I need to figure out an action plan.  It is all well and good to say, "I want to spend more time with my family."  It is an entirely different thing to define exactly what more time means and devise a plan.

So, here is the plan which I hope to modify as I go.  Every day I need to spend at least 15 minutes alone with each kid. This time will be spent chatting or snugging whichever seems needed at the time. I will keep track of this nightly.  Additionally, every week I will spend at least one hour doing something alone with each kid.  What that means will be different for each kid and different each week.  For Bear it will probably be playing legos or a game of some kind.  For Curly Q. it may be going out for coffee or shopping.  My plan is to work on the time with the kids first, and then add time with the hubbie, and maybe eventually time with my mother. 

My hope is that by devoting blocks of time to individual people everyone will feel more valued.  In turn maybe I can stop feeling guilty and stretched past my limits.

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