Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Screw Thankfulness

I'm sick... Not like dying sick, but regular old, "I feel like crap," sick.  Pretty much everyone in my family is sick, but for some reason the germs seem to be bent on making me just a bit more miserable.  I shouldn't complain because compared to most people I get sick very infrequently, but this week I feel like hell.  This has led to me feeling VERY CRABBY.  I started a thankfulness post the other day to try and remind myself all the reasons to feel blessed.  My heart just wasn't in it... So, although it goes against my new found philosophy, I think I need a bitch post.  Maybe if I get all the reasons for my crabbiness out I will feel better.  So here goes...

  1. I HATE the taste of cough medicine.
  2. I HATE that my head feels as though the top of it could seriously blow off every time I cough.
  3. I HATE that my cat keeps waking me up at 6 am.
  4. I HATE the smell of bananas (which Bear seems to eat ALL the time).
  5. I HATE that my husband is out of town.
  6. I HATE that I felt like crap during out homeschool conference, and so I missed out on the fun I had been looking forward to.
  7. I HATE that some people keep taking my ideas and passing them off as their own.
  8. I HATE that when my brother's family is in town there is always drama.
  9. I HATE putting away laundry.
  10. I HATE that my youngest daughter has no concept of what "clean" means in reference to her room.
  11. I HATE March.
  12. I HATE trying to figure out how to get my kids to their activities on my own.
  13. I HATE that I always feel like the bad guys compared to other parents because I try to keep to some sort of schedule.
  14. I HATE trying to keep a straight face when someone is saying something preposterous.
  15. I HATE shopping for bras.
  16. I HATE the taste of any artificial sweetener.
  17. I HATE that my husband gets to eat yummy food when he is on a business trip, and I ate ramen for dinner last night.
  18. I HATE that we still haven't found the garage door remote, and so someone has to get out of the new van and open the garage door by hand every time we get home.
  19. I HATE that even though I have been working on decluttering my house there are still TONS of spot full of crap.
  20. I HATE that I broke my camera at the conference this past weekend.
  21. I HATE that my brother's family has no plan whatsoever when they come into town, and so I feel like I am in limbo waiting to see when we can get together with them.
  22. I HATE that #21 is true even though I promised myself I wouldn't worry about it.
  23. I HATE that Claire missed being the state champion by .2 points.
  24. I HATE that Kali is thinking about giving up dance altogether.
  25. I HATE that I have to plant 30+ trees this week
  26. I HATE that I chewed off 2 of my fingernails that I have been working so hard to grow.
  27. I HATE that I have to have me house cleaned by tomorrow afternoon because my in-laws are spending the night.
  28. I HATE that my brain is always fighting with itself about how much structure vs. freedom I should give my kids.
  29. I HATE spiders.
Ok, so there you are.  I am hoping that will help me get back on track.  I know that focusing on the positive is better, but sometimes I just need to let it out.  Hopefully I can finish the thankfulness post soon.


Shannon said...

Love it! Great idea to have a bitch post! I think, I might steal that idea....only kidding!:) I hope you feel better soon.

Jen said...

Lol. I only get mad when people start talking to me about something I said as if they were the first one to think of it. So are welcome to steal my bitch idea. Everyone knows that I am the ultimate bitch :)