Thursday, March 3, 2011

First Decluttering Projects

Even though we are very busy I have managed to clean out three spots in my kitchen.

The top of the microwave is always a breeding ground for clutter.  It got bad enough that I added an old shoe box to hold all the extra junk.  As it turns out most everything in that box was either trash or already had a better home somewhere else.

Next, my kitchen drawers are very shallow and very narrow.  Keeping this in mind I need to organize them much better.  I am still thinking that I may invest in some drawer organizers, but at least now I know what each drawer should be used for.  Once again there were many things in these drawers that belonged somewhere else such as craft supplies and electronic chargers.

So far so good, but next week I am going to tackle one of my bigger projects!

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Shannon said...

Very nice!! Oh, I love decluttering! It feels so good when it's done!