Monday, February 28, 2011

My Next Goal...

Well, as I mentioned before I did not succeed at my Feb. goal.  I think I was on the right track, but I just didn't make it the priority that it needs to be.  So I will continue to work on it through March along with my new goal.  If by the end of March I don't feel that I am succeeding I will make it my only goal for April.  The plan is to exercise every day.  The way to accomplish this is by doing it first thing in the morning.  if it hasn't been done by the time I banish the kids to their room for a little alone time (around 1:00 pm) then I will do it during alone time. 

As for my March goal, I really think that it is time to reduce clutter.  My house, in general, is pretty clean at all times.  Still I have certain nooks that collect stuff.  So I should be able to tackle 20 of these spots over the next month.  Some of the spots are very small, like a single drawer.  Some are larger projects, like the pantry by my back door.  I will try to post before and after pictures, but in truth the before pictures may be too embarrassing :-)  So wish me luck as I begin this next self improvement goal!!!

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