Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Thanks

Just because I have moved on to another goal doesn't mean that I should forget about the previous one.  And in fact the past week has been full of things that may at first glance seem to be problems, but could have been so much worse. 

For example, last night as I was driving from Curly Q's dance to Bear's gymnastics class I got a flat tire.  When I recognized it I was not in a safe place to stop so I had to turn into an unfamiliar residential area.  I parked under a street light and assessed the situation.  It was clear that the tire was shot.  I had a spare tire in the trunk, under piles of stuff meant to be taken to the donation place. I also had one of those portable jacks and a bent tire wrench.  I decided to call AAA because it was so cold out (and because I am a woosie).  They tell me it will be an hour which is much longer than I expected.  I debate changing the tire myself, but I know it is difficult to find a place for the jack on this car.  So first I call my husband to pick up Bear, then I clean out the trunk, and finally Curly Q. and I wait.  When the hour is almost up the driver calls to say he is running late.  So we wait another half of an hour.  Finally he shows up.  he hasn't brought his own tire iron so he has to use the crummy bent one we have.  It takes him 10 minutes to figure out where the jack should go, and one time I fear that the car has fallen on him.  Once the car is in the air it becomes clear that he didn't loosen the bolts on the old tire before he lifted the car.  So it is very difficult for him to get the tire off.  Finally he is able to get the tire changed, and we go on our merry way home.

So what is there to be thankful for in that situation?  Well, first I am so thankful that this didn't happen during the blizzard.  Second, I am thankful that I had filled my tank up with gas so we were able to run the car some of the time while we were waiting.  Third I was thankful it happened after John got home from his business trip.  I am not sure what I would have done if he wasn't around.  So there are three really lucky parts of the situation.  This looking at the bright side of life stuff is working pretty well!

On the exercise front I am doing ok.  After the day of shoveling Curly Q. and I did exercise by playing a dancing game on the kinect.  It got my heart rate up, and I did get a bit sweaty.  Still I don't think that I should count on it for every day exercising.  It was a lot of fun and a great bonding experience with Curly Q.  As for yesterday, I did not exercise.  I know it was only the third day, and as such I should feel really ashamed, but I don't.  Part of the reason I am trying to exercise every day is so if I miss a day I don't have to feel too bad.  I will get back on the horse today.

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