Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day One Success

Well mother nature decided to help with my exercise goal for today.  We had a blizzard and with frigid temperatures on the way I felt the need to clear my driveway today.  What that meant was 4 hours of shoveling. 

Bear in mind that I HATE to be cold.  Still it was a matter of pride that I was able to do it.  It also led to an epiphany of sorts.  Things like shoveling snow and mowing the lawn are exercise, but I do not mind them.  It is exercise for its own sake that I have trouble prioritizing.  I know that is not right, but it is true. 

One way I am trying to combat this time is to include Curly Q. in my exercise program.  She does not gravitate towards physical activity any more than I do.  Other than dancing, which she is doing far less now than in past years, she has no other hobbies that involve sweating.  I have no problem prioritizing her health even if I don't make my own important.  Also,  I am hoping that it can be an adventure we go on together.   So in that way I am working on another goal of spending one on one time with each of my family members.

So tomorrow, barring another blizzard, Curly Q. and I will start our adventure.  I want to keep it fun so we will use either the wii or the kinect.  We have several games for each that qualify as exercise.  Also, we will begin tracking progress using wii fit.  Wish us luck!!!

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