Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Goals

Even though January was such a success I still have lots of work to do.  Here is a refresher of the goals I have set for myself for 2011.

1. Nurture my family relationships
* More field trips
* Delegate more
* More one on one time with each of my family members

2. Nurture my soul
* Slow down
* Practice thankfulness
* Meditation

3.Nurture my relationship with the world
* Write more
* Volunteer regularly
* Reduce clutter

4. Nurture my body
* Serve at least one vegetarian meal per week
* Start a maintainable exercise program
* Spend at least 10 minutes outside each day

Now I need to narrow down the list.  Since I just finished a goal that nurtures my own soul I think I should pick from another category.  Also,  February is going to be one of the busier months so anything that will require extra time is out.  That leaves:
  • Delegate More --  this sounds stressful, I better save it for after I learn to meditate
  • Write More -- this one seems to be taking care of itself via this blog
  • One Vegetarian Meal per week -- better when fresh veggies are easier to come by
  • 10 Minutes Outside -- should start this one when going outside won't result in frostbite
  • Start an Exercise Program -- I wan to figure out a reason that I can't do this now, but I can't
So I guess that is the new goal.  I will begin an new exercise program that I can and will continue as part of my routine.  Just as I have added blogging and being thankful to my life I will make exercise a priority.  I think that I need to begin by doing it every day.  I am less likely to shirk a responsibility that is an every day occurrence.   So beginning tomorrow morning I will exercise every day.  It has been long enough since I exercised regularly that I do not know what a reasonable amount of time is for me to start with.  I will say that by the end of the month I will be able to exercise for 30 minutes without feeling the need to call paramedics. 

Wish me luck!!!


Shannon said...

Good luck w/ the exercising! And I'm confident you won't need to call the paramedics, at all!

Jen said...

Lol I wouldn't be so sure :)

Chris M. said...

These sound like great goals to concentrate on for the year. I really like the four broader areas that you selected, and how you defined more sustainable goals under each of these categories. Good luck with all of them!

Jen said...

Thanks Chris! If nothing else I am very good at organizing things :-)

Chris M. said...

Jen--Being able to organize things is a great trait (I definitely could use some work with that :-)!

By the way, I just noticed I said "sustainable" instead of "attainable"--don't know what I was thinking!