Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gymnastics Obsession

Bear had her state meet for gymnastics last night. As it turns out, she peaked at exactly the right time. She came very close to taking the all around crown for her age group, but even without it she did SO well. As I reflect on her season I am so happy for the experience for her. It was also a fun season for the st of our family. We made some great new friends, and I learned a lot about the sport and the politics surrounding the sport.

Still, I was ready to take a break from it. I cannot explain how consuming it felt for the past couple months. I have never been a person to watch sports, and so I am not sure if everyone feels the rush of adrenaline I felt during every meet. It was a combination of fear and excitement I can only compare to a roller coaster. The funny thing is that I really didn't care that much about the awards. I mean obviously getting medals and trophies is nice, but watching how the girls improved each meet was so exciting. So imagine spending four hours on a roller coaster every weekend for the past two months. I am exhausted!!!

I also feel like I allowed my gymnastics obsession to interfere with other aspects of my life. My house is a mess. Curly Q feels neglected. I am sure all my other friends are sick of hearing about gymnastics from me. In short, I feel like I am recovering from an addiction. So now I have to put my life back together. I also have to figure out how to not get so caught up in in next year because Bear wants to continue. Of course by then I will have met all my goals for this year, and I will be the picture of serenity.

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Shannon said...

I don't think you were overly obsessed - you were just the right amount! And you didn't talk about it too much, so no worries!