Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I got to babysit my cousin's baby girl today.  It's funny because I have never had an affinity for babies.  I was never the one to ask to hold someone else's baby.  In fact when I was desperate to have a child it wasn't the baby stage I was longing for.  Having a baby was just the necessary evil of having  child.  If adoption had been an easier or cheaper option i probably would have skipped having a baby all together.

Once I had Q-bert I was shocked at the immense love I felt for her immediately.  Even though she was still basically a living piece of luggage I was hooked.  Now every time I hold a baby it reminds me of that time, and I get to relive that feeling.

So having Charlotte today felt like a gift.  It help that she is one of the easiest babies I have ever seen.  I had her for over 6 hours and the only time she cried was when she bumped her head on the entertainment center when she was flirting with her own reflection.  Even then she cried for just a moment and was amazingly easy to calm down.  The girls enjoyed having the baby around too.  They were next to her most of the day.  I couldn't believe that Charlotte tolerated all the attention.

Of course I know that borrowing someone else's baby is nothing like having one of your own day in and day out.  But for one day it was fun to pretend.

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