Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update on My Resolutions

So the halfway mark of the year has come and gone.  I meant to evaluate my progress on my on my resolutions for the year, but time got away from me, but today is as good a day as any so here goes...

1. Nurture my family relationships
* More field trips I have made this a priority and am making good progress
* Delegate more Haven't even tried this yet
* More one on one time with each of my family members Need to keep working on this one

2. Nurture my soul
* Slow down Need to keep working on this one
* Practice thankfulness Even when I don't post about this, I do feel it, so mission accomplished :-)
* Meditation  Haven't even tried this yet

3.Nurture my relationship with the world
* Write more  Definitely met this goal
* Volunteer regularly Haven't even tried this yet
* Reduce clutter I have been working on this but it is a slow painstaking process

4. Nurture my body
* Serve at least one vegetarian meal per week Haven't even tried this yet
* Start a maintainable exercise program I have tried this one several times, and I am still trying
* Spend at least 10 minutes outside each day This is easily met right now... talk to me in January!

So it appears that I have fully met 4 of my goals.  I need to keep working on 4 of my goals, and I have 4 I haven't even tried.  I think the plan for now is to work on the vegetarian meals for the rest of the summer.  I will also continue to try to reduce clutter, spend more individual time with each family member, exercise, and slow down.  Hopefully by the end of summer I can say I have made significant progress on all of those.  Then in the fall I can attack a few more new goals.

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