Friday, August 26, 2011

Back to School

We started school this week, and so far it is going very well. The girls both seem to like Teaching Textbooks, although it seems pretty light.  We are also doing Math Minutes like they do in public school.  Each day the girls get a page of math facts.  The idea is to finish the sheet in one minute.  They both made the addition goal today.  I added an opening writing prompt to our day too.  Of course Curly Loves it, but Bear is struggling somewhat.  I think that she will get the hang of it quickly.

So that's the school side of things.  In other news, they are trying to change Bear's gymnastics schedule.  We got the fall schedule in late June or early July.  So I figured it was a done deal.  I planned all of our lives around that schedule!  Now, since school started, people are having a hard time with balancing school and gymnastics.  I get it.  I have said from the beginning that I can't imagine Bear going to public school and keeping her hectic gymnastics schedule.  Still I am really irritated that this wasn't discussed a month or more ago. 

I am not a flexible person.  I know that, and I do try to work on it.  In this case I don't think  am being unreasonable though.  Still it looks like it is going to happen, so I may as well get used to it.  I am just really hoping that they don't schedule it for Sunday.  That is our family time.  I really don't want to give them up for gymnastics!

I am also bummed because I had the option of going out with friends for a ghost tour on Saturday, but I had to decline.  Sunday morning I have to help my Dad run the car show he does every year.  I really hate that thing, but he doesn't ask for anything and so I can't say no.  We actually do the pictures.  John is the photographer, and I take car of the computer side of things.  It's not really that big of a deal, but I get nervous about it every year.

Ok so that's a quick update.  This weekend will be crazy so I probably won't blog again until early next week.  It's getting close to Sept. so I will update you on my resolutions again.  I know you can't wait :-)

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